12 Most Stylish Tips and Outfits For Work


Yikes! Its a monday! tuesday or any work day, and all you have going on in your mind is how to look stylish or how to add a little twist or style to your everyday outfit. Well, worry no more, i have compiled a fun list of 12 amazing outfits, and ways you can
awaken your work outfits.

Let’s check it out together. Come with me…

The first on the list is this cute outfit.


This is almost everyone’s everyday work outfit. You are guilty too! A shirt or a jacket on a well fitted skirt, works like magic everytime. A pair of high heel Sandals, stilettos or pumps are perfect to add a little flavour to this everyday look.


For you who love comfy outfits, this is for you. Have you been too corperate lately? If yes, try something different like a maxi dress. It is stylish and super comfy.

Moving on…


“Classy,stylish and chic” triple check. ย This outfit has it all. You can go for a plain pair of jeans with no shreds. Sneakers will also pass just fine.


This is a lovely two piece rocked by Sheyi Shay. She chose a pleated A-line trouser. There are so many ways to rock this fab pants. You can go with a jacket, a body hug blouse or a tank top.

IMG_20160426_210455Jumpsuits are classy! Try rocking a jumpsuit, it could be multi coloured, plaid, or plain. You can work it out with a pair of high heel sandals, pumps,flats or wedge.

IMG_20160426_210426One can never go wrong on an A-line box pleated skirt. A body hug blouse or a body hug shirt will complement this skirt perfectly. This outfit automatically gives you that chic look you love. Guess what! It can be rocked on any foot wear.

Just one word ‘classy’.

IMG_20160426_210218Feel like adding a little edge to your outfit?ย Then this is perfect. A pair of distressed jean. A loose sweater, blouse or polo will add more spice to this look. Best rocked with a pair of sneakers or a pair of low heel sandals. For a more corporate look, a pair of high heel sandals or pumps will be great.


This is absolutely perfect for you who have a hard time compiling the perfect outfit. Just go with a dress. This is simple but classy. A well fitted dress can never run out of style. You love flaunting your curves and figure? Then this is the perfect dress for you. Guess what! It can be worn on any kind of foot wear.


O so gorgeous! Flaunt it if you’ve got it. Perfect dress for you, the attention seekers. You can decide to do without the jacket or coat. Super stylish. Can be worn on any foot wear.


This is absolutely chic for work. A stylish jacket on a pair of trousers. Works everytime.

Moving on to the last on the list…


Denim! One can never go wrong on denim. It is comfy and stylish, and can be worn on any foot wear.

Did you have fun going through my list? I sure did.

That’s all i have for you today on “the most stylish outfits for work”. More tips coming soon…




Photo credits: @datdynamitechic, @fashionbuzztv, @Chiccouture,Sheyi shey,Khloe Kardashian,@miskayboutique @flyfashiondoll

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